The Talachulitna River Lodge (aka Tal River Lodge) is located at the mouth of the Tal.  The property is two adjacent tracts of land (total more than 17 acres): one with lodge and outbuildings, and other the airstrip. It was built and operated for years as a commercial lodge. The facilities are a stone's throw from the river, within the State designated recreational river corridor, which restricts further development of other property along the Tal. 

Some years ago, commercial operations ceased as the number of owners increased and the group decided to limit activity to personal use. There are 18 owners. We employ a Caretaker to take care of things, do maintenance and improvements, clean, do laundry, make beds, etc.  Many of the owners own personal riverboats, either individually or in partnership with other owners. The kitchen is stocked with basics like flour, sugar, etc., so all we have to bring out is fresh stuff and meat.  Beds have mattresses and blankets, and sheets, towels and washcloths are also provided. Laundry is done by the Caretaker.

Main lodge building has 7 bedrooms, with 2-4 beds each, 2 bathrooms (hot and cold water and shower), full kitchen, and living and dining area, plus entry/gear room with freezer. Also, there is a Caretaker's cabin, workshop/wash house, and generator and storage buildings (each owner has storage closet for fishing gear, etc.).  We have a backhoe/front end loader for runway and property maintenance, and as of 2018, a solar system with backup diesel generator.

One of our owners in Wasilla acts as a "reservationist" and keeps track of room availability. She coordinates with the on-site caretaker on reserved space. We have a land line phone there for last minute coordination if needed. Use of the facility is limited to your family and invited guests (no number limit). An owner must be present whenever other family or guests are on site. 

The airstrip is gravel, and suitable for most single engine types.  Largest plane we have had in there was a twin engine CASA 212.  For owners without their own plane, several local flight services, including Regal Air, are available and frequent the lodge on a regular basis.  For questions about the strip contact the Operations Manager.  Permission and release of liability must be signed before utilizing the runway.

The property is owned by TAL, Inc., with individual ownership interest held in the form of shares of the corporation.  The corporation owns the property and improvements free and clear (by State Patent). There are no mortgages on the property or improvements (all paid off many years ago). Operations are overseen by a Board of Directors (all owners), elected at our annual meeting in Anchorage each spring.  Participation on the Board is always welcomed.  Dues vary with needs, and are established by the Board with input from all shareholders.  In 2015 a new cabin was completed and payed for through a one time special assesment to the owners.  This helped pay for the new tractor and materials.  Other improvements in the past include a new roof on the main lodge, upgraded plumbing, new floors, etc.

The sales price goes to the selling shareholder. There are no commissions or closing fees. As a shareholder of the corporation, your ownership entitles you to an undivided interest in the property and equal enjoyment of all the benefits. The current dues of $200 per month cover the costs of operating and maintaining the facility, including Caretaker wages, transportation, equipment and routine maintenance. Management (Board of Directors, Reservations, Operations Manager) is provided by shareholder volunteers at no charge.

As you may know, the Tal is known for excellent fishing.  Kings (check ADF&G regs) and silvers are the predominant salmon types. Dolly Varden and trophy Rainbows (catch and release only) are also prolific. Grayling are sometimes caught upriver on dry flies. Reds run up Shell Creek, which is just across the Skwentna River from the Tal. Kings run up the Tal the last half of June, with the silver run usually from late July thru mid to late August. Dolly Varden and Rainbows are in the river all summer, with especially good catches late in the season.

"The Tal" is a unique arrangement -- all the benefits of a wilderness fishing lodge, without the hassles that go with maintenance of a personal cabin.  And only a 40 minute flight from Anchorage or 30 minutes from Wasilla.  You simply go to relax (and/or fish).  And the number of beds/rooms makes it possible to have a group of guests accompany you, with space and comfort for all.

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