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Peaceful, remote, private .... A fisherman's paradise!




 Welcome to the Tal River Lodge!

 A family friendly Alaskan Lodge located on the banks of the Talachulitna River. This is a great way to own a cabin without the cabin headaches.  


 The Talachulitna River Lodge is a unique ownership option for a remote property for those with busy lives who want to get away from it all, enjoy the outdoors, and not spend all their free time working on their cabin instead of fishing or just relaxing.  18 families now own this property which operated as a commercial fishing lodge in the '70's and '80's.  They got together and bought the 16 acres from the State of Alaska with an airstrip, and now have a gorgeous property a stones-throw from a world-class fishing river only 40 minutes from Anchorage by plane.  I encourage you to look through the photos and see the latest improvements.  

This river is perfect for the skilled fly fisherman or novice.  Don't worry about snagging every backcast as it sports easily wadeable wide open areas or challenge yourself on that "hog" that is under that root ball in the center of the river.



Completed in 2015, A new four season cabin is available to owners during the off season and winter months.

Accessible as a snowmachine destination or fly in on skis!  Just 4 miles from the Iditarod trail.

So whether you are a die hard fisherman or just want a place to relax year-round, this is the perfect destination!  Imagine sitting on one of the decks enjoying a cold beverage as the river gurgles by.  Kids running in the yard and playing on the zipline.  Maybe you even have some energy after a full day to walk the strip where something interessting always turns up.....


 This lodge has so much history.  I would like to thank past and present members and caretakers for all their hard work and involvement in making the Tal what it is today.  Curious how this all works?  Please take a moment to click on the tab at the top of this page "About the Tal" and view the Photo Album on the right side of the page.